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@thenorthface climber // @natgeo @sonyalpha photojournalist // @camp4collective commercial director // landscape painter at heart 😊
renan_ozturk6 hours ago

Still here in NYC in the edit cave for the @sanctityofspace film. We are hoping this feature doc will bring story of Brad Washburn to life. In my mind, he was the greatest aerial mountain photographer of all time, but through co-director @freddiewilkinson’s years of deep dive research we are learning that he stood for so much more than that. What he really embodied was a love for the continual search and sharing of knowledge. ~ With master editor @ebarnett210 AE @williamjeromebentley producer @taylorfreesolo and moral keeper @baloointhewild ~ Photo over the Empire State recently with the @flynyon doors-off and photography-ready flying machine #sanctityofspace #nyc #empirestatebuilding @goalzero @blackdiamond @thehighexpedition @sheldonchalet Empire State Building

renan_ozturka day ago

Air to air with trike pilots @shotsfromabove and @joeraven74 through The Valley of the Gods in Bears Ears National Monument. It was pure tech magic to witness the @shotovercamera G1 rock solid getting blasted by 100mph with a @reddigitalcinema 8K and an @angenieuxlenses cinema lens on it! Beyond feature film and commercial applications it’s great to use this gear to share this landscape in the name of conservation. ~ @roam @camp4collective @filmguppy @taylorfreesolo @baloointhewild @jip_01 #tech #roam247 #aerialaddict #conservation #protectbearsears #SHOTOVER #standwithbearsears Bears Ears National Monument

renan_ozturk3 days ago

Edit by @Roam - the beginnings of a project about Bears Ears National Monument. When you’re on the ground, you can get lost in the landscape, appreciating one cliff, ruin, or petroglyph. It’s hard to imagine the scale of this place until you see it from above. Once you get into the sky, the formations are revealed and you can see how they are interconnected. ~ Dream realized with the 8K @reddigitalcinema and @shotovercamera G1 on an ultralight trike! Thx @filmguppy @shotsfromabove @joeraven74 @taylorfreesolo @baloointhewild @jip_01 for helping bring stage one experiments to fruition! #roammoment #roam247 #trike #aerialaddict Bears Ears National Monument


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renan_ozturk4 days ago

@rudy.le earning his Alaska remote glacier shooting merit badge through -20°F temps and a whiteout snowstorm. As the lead 'tech ninja' for everything in our lives Rudy is the most talented camera and computer tech I've ever had the pleasure to work with. His ability to function for days on end with little sleep in serious mtn environments is a level of dedication few possess. If you ever need a DIT, AC, colorist in resolve, certified drone pilot, server build, dog whisperer, fixed wing pilot hit him up! ~ Happy Birthday Rudy! #gratitude #techninja #nerd4life #frostbite #OZO Ruth Glacier

renan_ozturk5 days ago

A proud tradition mixed with an uncertain future. This juxtaposition was painfully evident within every portrait of Domingo, a Chilean Gaucho of Patagonia. ~ Climbing on Cerro Colorado revealed not only incredible route potential but more insight into the complex Patagonia conservation story. To get to the cliff we enlisted the help of Domingo, a Gaucho whose family owns the surrounding land at the base. He grew up herding sheep here - “when I was 11 my father had me spend 3 months living up at the base of the rocks to tend the sheep living in the cave previously occupied by the Tehuelche Native tribes”. Laying on his sheep skin mat he looked incredulously at us, our drones and junk-show of climbing/camera gear. I don’t speak spanish, so I gathered a few tidbits of info from @andresbozzolo but overall I sensed the conflict going on inside of him. Due to the conservation work this place is on the verge of becoming a National Park and it became illegal to kill foxes and puma, and with those populations surging and killing the flock it became impossible to keep the family sheep tradition alive. ~ The future of this place is probably some kind of advanced sustainable eco-tourism (like @tompkins_conservation has done in Parque Patagonia), something Domingo can’t quite grasp yet. I’m sure in the moment he hoped it didn’t mean more gringos like me taking his photo. His culture even though it’s non-native and originated from the spanish in the 1600’s has evolved into something beautiful, something of its own. It’s a similar struggle all over the planet. How do we move forward and do the right thing for these wild places while educating and helping those who already have the deepest connection to the land? We didn’t see Domingo again since the horses went down the hill before we finished climbing. We hiked away as he lounged with his nephew on the soft grass by a natural spring. “I had a way of whistling to the dogs and could control the entire herd. My nephew never learned to whistle, he has a cell phone and other work...” ~ With @chrisburkard @jamesqmartin @_ryanhill_ @uavantage @zacharialorenz Eduardo @djiglobal Chile Chico, Chile

renan_ozturk6 days ago

Creative madman @brandonjosephbaker moving through an ice-scape during our @thenorthface_climb adventure last year. 🇮🇸 Ice Lagoon

renan_ozturk7 days ago

Training the eye to appreciate glass, concrete and steel in all the features of this city, not just the iconic ones. @sanctityofspace @flynyon @sonyalpha @taylorfreesolo #NYC New York, New York

renan_ozturk8 days ago

Another tidbit from the @shotsfromabove short film we just released (see Link in profile for the full film). ~ As much we admire the explorers traveling to the ends of the Earth on large scale Expeditons it’s the everyday man (or women) exploring their own backyard that often inspire the most. Guys like Chris Dahl-Bredine, who built an experimental aircraft in his garage in order to bring a new perspective to his life & creative vision. There isn’t much glamour in this type of exploration. No sponsors footing the bill. Just hard work, cold mornings & sometimes a bit of duct tape. Part cowboy, part photographer, part mechanic, Chris' work blends a blue collar work ethic with a special eye for landscapes and the interconnectedness of it all. ~ With @chrisburkard @radiantimages @sonyalpha @rudy.le @tentides @snackfarmer @ksundman @greatsanddunesnps @camp4collective #publicland #fly #ultralight #shotsfromabove #a7riii Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

renan_ozturk9 days ago

Making an effort to find a few moments of adventure and perspective during the next few weeks while in the city working on the @sanctityofspace film. ~ In the spirit of this aerial based feature doc I film met up with the folks at @flynyon . I first flew with them a few years back and it’s impressive to see how they have expanded their operations to be able to bring photography based doors off heli flights over the city to anyone in a safe reliable way. New York, New York

renan_ozturk10 days ago

I’m not really into holidays especially commercial-based ones but seeing and reading about everyone else’s expressions of love does make me think about my own. Words and lists wouldn’t really begin to describe what I think is mostly indescribable but in some ways love is a force or energy that helps draw us into our best selves. It also supports the freedom, exploration and discomfort it takes to expand beyond ourselves. Grateful to have this woman as my partner in those experiences. 💛 @taylorfreesolo Ruth Glacier

renan_ozturk10 days ago

*new film link in bio* A love letter for earth. Our short on ultralight trike pilot @shotsfromabove just went live, we’ll let it speak for itself. #earthvalentine ~ ❤️ 🌏 @sonyalpha @chrisburkard @radiantimages @rudy.le @ryanespi @tentides @snackfarmer @greatsanddunesnps @aimeeface83 @taylorfreesolo @camp4collective @ksundman #shotsfromabove Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

renan_ozturk11 days ago

Psyched to release “SHOTS FROM ABOVE” tomorrow - a feel good short film about @shotsfromabove (Chris Dahl-Bredine), our soft-spoken dark-horse friend who is finding interconnectedness and love for this planet through flight and photography. #earthvalentine ~ It’s a project that @chrisburkard and I initially began during the release of the @sonyalpha A7riii camera. Since then it has become a bigger stepping stone and learning process to be able to use this low impact aircraft and the latest camera tech to bring stories that support public lands to life :) Stay Tuned! ~ @radiantimages @rudy.le @ryanespi @tentides @snackfarmer @greatsanddunesnps @aimeeface83 @taylorfreesolo #shotsfromabove Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

X-Pro II
renan_ozturk12 days ago

☝️Link to full video in bio ~ Remembering the good times when I took @taylorfreesolo on her first expedition, and first trip to Asia, now over 4 years ago. We had just started dating. She just finished her masters degree in Environmental studies and I was launching into expedition filmmaking in a more serious way, and we tested the waters as a storytelling team by trekking 300 miles and making a film together in Myanmar. It ended up being one of the hardest expeditions ever but also the most deeply rewarding. I knew if we could survive that we could survive anything. Part of the fun was when I broke the @reddigitalcinema Monitor and was forced to shoot “blind” without being able to see focus and exposure, and carry the laptop to plug-in the card to the computer to see how I well I guessed the framing and focus and aperture for each shot. We learned about how even when you can’t see what you’re shooting you can still make it happen... ~ @natgeo @thenorthface @camp4collective #myanmarclimb expedition collection with @coryrichards @hilareenelson @emilyaharrington @authormarkjenkins Hkakabo Razi

renan_ozturk14 days ago

Video and words by @landonbassett // Landon took this video of spindrift snow and ice raking down the one the largest walls on earth, during our time this summer in Alaska’s Great Ruth Gorge. Landon is one of those creatives, one of those good humans who sees the forest through the trees...a while back he sent us these words of wisdom and support: “we have been building stories about remote places, ridiculous unclimbed granite, weeks of type-3 fun and gratuitous amounts of pow skiing. But when we take a step back and think about what not only drives us to these places, but what drives our personalities and motivates our lives, we consistently bump into the same core belief: We believe that humans with the drive to explore make better citizens of the world. And we mean this not with personal delusions of grandeur…that somehow taking a backcountry ski vacation or running an ultra gives us claim to being a better person, but in the sense that the spirit of acting on our curiosity has driven humans to progress. We are a tribe that believes in encouraging this spirit, not just in sport, but in community, conservation, science and creativity.” #creative #support #strength Ruth Glacier

renan_ozturk15 days ago

Standing in the Patagonian Valle Chacabuco with the ripping winds and constantly changing light feels like life inside a timelapse, the weather constantly changing before your eyes. Here is an experimental drone-lapse from our recent trip down down south with @tompkins_conservation @chrisburkard @djiglobal #mavicair @standtallest @_ryanhill_ @uavantage Conservacion Patagonia, Estancia Valle Chacabuco

renan_ozturk16 days ago

I never used to call this place I cherished “Bears Ears.” This has been a recent phenomena since the designation, and subsequent 85% reduction, of the most beautiful National Monument I’ve ever called home. But the change in name is meaningful, inclusive of its American Indian land-base and its federal recognition and all around its bringing people together in discussion about its use. Bears Ears is vastness I could never have known prior to flying transects this week with @shotsfromabove @joeraven74 @taylorfreesolo and the @shotovercamera ninja @filmguppy. We spent a good portion of our time continuing to macgyver a new stabilized method to shoot @reddigitalcinema 8K footage with the @shotovercamera G1. But most of our time was spent taking in and trying to make sense of the continuity of what was over a million acres of protected monument and is now a much more “at risk” contiguous and intact ecosystem. The issues are complex. What’s not complex is the beauty and uniqueness of this landscape. Thanks all who have helped to support our just budding film project to share inclusive and diverse stories. ~ Stay tuned to @roam later this week for a first look at some of the footage and @sonyalpha @chrisburkard for a finished short film powered by the a7riii about master trike pilot and photographer @shotsfromabove #protectbearsears #standwithbearsears #bearsearsnationalmonument [a7riii Wing TL frame with 10mm @camera_quest wide] @camp4collective #camp4pix Bears Ears National Monument

renan_ozturk17 days ago

A tobacco farmer and his family (2nd Photo) in Viñales Cuba, taking refuge from the mid-day summer heat. #cuba #humanity @sonyalpha Viñales, Cuba

renan_ozturk19 days ago

A vision from the Chile’s Northern Patagonia ice cap, second largest continuous mass of ice outside of the polar regions. Even in the short time we visited, we witnessed some of the largest calving events the locals had seen, one of which created a gaint wave that nearly swept us and our cameras into the glacial waters below. Bringing back images of such masterpieces that exist on this planet also comes with a heavy heart knowing what we are up against for global climate change. Here’s to the hope that through our collective imagery there is an impact of #TurningTheTide of climate change and preserving regions. See IG stories for images of this 3,000 lbs piece of ice falling... Northern Patagonian Ice Field

renan_ozturk21 days ago

@taylorfreesolo and I spent the day with this monk in Bagan, taking about his life in the military before retiring here to focus on his religious practice. Like in most Himalayan kingdoms what we saw in Myanmar was a land of diversity and often contradiction. Buddhist monks with guns taking part in Muslim genocide in one part of the country and half christian/half animistic villages living peacefully in the northern jungles who are largely uncontacted by the outside world. This day culminated with an evening stroll below the temples, a peaceful reflective moment that seemed to be a hard contrast to his previous life. [@natgeo @thenorthface #myanmarclimb expedition collection] Bagan

renan_ozturk23 days ago

**warning graphic content // new film just released // link above ** “Killing another thing is not easy. It obviously wants to keep living… But that is the nature of what I do” - Man Bahadur Pun, Nepali hunting guide. I’ve never been a hunter myself, but when offered an assignment on a Himalayan Blue Sheep hunt in one of the most remote mountain ranges in Nepal with Alaskan Hunter @nomadic49ak , Yeti hunting manager @bennyob301 and @dzifoundation director and old nepal based friend @jetbutterflies I gratefully accepted. We often talk about how the outdoors may seem different for people in ‘red states’ vs ‘blue states’ — REI vs Cabellas. I learned that this divide isn’t necessary. We are all passionate about the same places, and there is room for introspection in all of our outdoor pursuits. Hopefully the film can help folks garner a deeper understanding about hunting through this intimate look into a single hunt with two extremely capable men. Before passing judgment please watch the film. Through this process I learned a great deal about respect for animals and gained a closer bond and understanding of another micro-culture within Nepal that I never new existed. Our lives exist at the cost of other species even if we don’t hunt or eat meat. We participate in an industrial culture that effects nature in every way. We hope this conversation can bring everyone to more fully acknowledge the real cost of our survival and our recreation. Do we acknowledge that fully? Do we actively or passively participate? Being on this hunt brought those questions up for me and I’m a better person for it. Co-directed and edited at @camp4collective with @ansonfogel with @pat.patrol . Wrangled by c4 head of production @lazerlegs. EP and spiritual advisor @irish_goodbye #hunting #nepaliloveyou #bluesheep Nepal

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